Philexport president kicks the habit, gains another

Cathy Yang, ANC

Posted at Oct 06 2015 05:47 PM | Updated as of Oct 07 2015 01:47 AM

MANILA - Philexport president Sergio Ortiz-Luis is a man who kicked the habit, and now finds the putting greens a hard habit to break.

There are two things that have changed Ortiz-Luis's life since his operation five years ago. He shares in his words, "from being the heaviest smoker perhaps in the business sector," he quit cold turkey.

Second, as he kicked the habit, he began putting on pounds. Since then, walking back and forth to the car was not enough to stay fit.

So, he took up golf. Now, he's looking in top form.

"I enjoy playing golf immensely," he shares, and "I feel much better mentally and physically now than five years ago."

The trade-off? He was forced to give up long sessions of mahjong with relatives.

Why? Because he now had to wake up early for the putting greens.

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