BPO sector supports anti-cybercrime law


Posted at Oct 04 2012 03:05 PM | Updated as of Oct 05 2012 01:10 AM

MANILA, Philippines - The Business Processing Association of the Philippines supports the cybercrime prevention law, but with reservations. 

"The Cybercrime Prevention Act will help sustain and enhance investor confidence and strengthen our position as one of the world's top locations for high-value IT-BPO services," the BPAP asid, in a statement.

BPAP, which relies heavily on internet and computer technology, says the law will help sustain investor confidence.

"Because IT-BPO firms utilize the Internet and computer technology as the principal channel for communication processes, the industry will benefit from provisions covering system and data protection, device security, and penalties for computer-related offenses," the group said. 

The BPO sector is expected to benefit from the law's provisions covering system and data protection.

"It is unfortunate that last-minute provisions on libel and freedom of the Internet were inserted into this important bill without the benefit of stakeholder perspective, including ours," BPAP said.

But the group decries the provision on online libel, calling it a last-minute insertion. It also expressed concern over the provision on warrantless collection of online traffic data. - ANC