How to stand out from the freelance market

By Claire Fuerte

Posted at Aug 02 2014 07:44 PM | Updated as of Aug 04 2014 05:48 PM

MANILA, Philippines - With the advent of social media, and the emerging market of online BPOs, the Internet has allowed a significant growth in the number of freelance businesses.

But as more and more Filipinos ride the trend, saturating the markets, only a few have managed to stand out from their competition.

In an interview with ANC’s Shop Talk, Jervy Santiago and Dior Co, veterans in the field of photography and make-up artistry respectively, share their tips on how they made their mark and established successful careers in their respective industries.

Jervy Santiago

For over ten years, Santiago has grown his photography business, attributing much of his success to hard work, and creativity. However, he underscores that without his ability to work with others, being a “good” photographer was not going to bring him success.

Santiago points out that, even if freelancing is often a solo activity, he interacts with clients, suppliers, even with fellow freelancers from time to time. He knows that impressions last and spread fast, so in order to meet his standard for quality, he assures that everyone he works with are comfortable with his approach. This ultimately trickles down to the possibility for new clients, new projects, and a wider network.

Dior Co

Co, who has also worked with Santiago on different occasions, had her humble beginnings training in U.S. and Singapore. But even when others in her industry offer "competitive pricing" she says that she stands out by showcasing her professionalism.

Co says to be a professional “you have to have certain strong ethics such as integrity, discipline, and consistency”.

Because of this, Co does not believe that her craft solely relies on the whimsy of inspiration but in her drive to deliver “no less than 100%” in the work she does.

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