Comparing home broadband plans in Philippines

Posted at Jul 20 2014 03:10 PM | Updated as of Jul 25 2014 12:58 AM

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MANILA, Philippines - Are you one of the millions of disgruntled Internet users in the Philippines?

You're probably thinking that you've already exhausted all efforts in trying to break the curse of slow Internet connection. However, there's no use following some expert tips if you don't have the right broadband plan. So, are you subscribed to the right Internet package? Just like many others, perhaps you're not.

Here are some things to consider to end the dog days of your web connection:


The availability of broadband providers in some areas is often limited. However, you don't always need to identify the one with the widest coverage especially if you're looking for a home broadband plan. The key is to find the providers that have a solid coverage of your area. Then, compare which one has the best offer according to your needs.


Already have a list of providers with a strong service in your community? The next step is to understand how you will utilize your internet. Do you work fast? Do you want uninterrupted streaming? Surely, no one wants to wait for a page or an online video to load every three seconds or more.

Data Allowance

Just like the speed, having the right data allowance will allow you to work or play efficiently. Are most of the websites that you visit have heavy pages? How often and how long do you need to be online? How many devices need to connect to the internet?

Contract Duration

Remember that a contract is a formal and legally binding written agreement. You're bound to follow everything that is stipulated in the contract unless you want more troubles in your life.

It is important to determine the factors of having the best broadband plan before signing a contract. Once you've considered the location, speed, and data allowance, you can start thinking about the contract duration. Do you need internet on a short-term or long-term basis? Are you planning to relocate soon? Do you have the capacity to pay for the monthly service fee throughout the term? has prepared an infographic comparing the top five broadband plans for home use for under P1000 a month: