Brokers, importers told: Apply or lose accreditation


Posted at Jul 17 2014 04:15 PM | Updated as of Jul 18 2014 12:15 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Brokers and importers may risk losing their ability to transact with the Bureau of Customs (BOC) if they do not meet the deadline for accreditation at the end of the month.

Customs Commissioner John Sevilla said the July 31 deadline for filing or renewing accreditation will no longer be extended.

"It is highly unlikely that there will be another extension, as we have already given brokers and importers ample time to understand the new policies on accreditation and complete the prerequisite documents," Sevilla said.

"We strongly urge brokers and importers to get accredited or they will lose their ability to transact with Customs," he added.

Under new BOC rules, brokers and importers are required to first get accredited by the Bureau of Internal Revenue before they can apply for a customs accreditation, unlike before when the accreditation was made separately.

As of July 14, only 34 percent of 14,995 accredited brokers and importers have applied for accreditation.

Importers and brokers earlier staged a protest the new accreditation requirements. They also asked for an extension to give them more time to file their application for registration.