Bakers bringing back 'Pinoy' pandesal


Posted at Jul 07 2010 08:10 PM | Updated as of Jul 08 2010 04:10 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Local bakers are bringing back to the market the 'Pinoy Pandesal,' a cheaper alternative to the regular pandesal in a bid to boost sagging sales.

Bakers hope the 'Pinoy Pandesal' at P1.50 a piece, will revive tepid sales of the more expensive P2.50 regular pandesal.

The Federation of Bakers Association said sales of regular pandesal, a staple breakfast and snack fare for most Filipino households, have dropped by some 25% in June due to the opening of classes.

The group said parents with limited budgets, opted for cheaper food, as most had to deal with higher tuition fees as well as more expensive school supplies.

While reintroducing 'Pinoy Pandesal," local bakers are also launching in the next two to three months, a generic loaf bread that will be cheaper than current prices that range from P46 to P55 per 600-gram loaf. They said they can bring down the price to P36 to P38. A cheaper loaf bread can be produced, they said, using just the basic or minimum of ingredients.