Bills eat up paychecks of most Filipinos: survey


Posted at May 24 2016 06:35 PM | Updated as of May 24 2016 10:51 PM

MANILA -- Payday means paying the bills for nearly nine in ten Filipinos, who don't bother to splurge on a nice meal when they get their paycheck, an informal survey by online retailer Lazada released Tuesday showed.

Asked where their salaries are spent, 88.1 percent said utility bills while 4.9 said insurance premiums. Only 3.8 said they spend on gimmicks while 3.2 percent donate to charity.

Payday is "a time to fulfill obligations," according to 73.8 percent of 345 respondents in the informal poll. Only 26.2 percent said it was a "time to reward myself."

Only 21.2 percent said they would spend twice as much on a meal during payday compared to a regular day while 41.9 percent said they would spend on meals as they would on a normal day.

Close family ties are evident as half of respondents said they spent they treated family to a nice meal with their first paycheck, while four in ten said they would treat their families if they get a bonus.

Six in ten said they don;t compare salaries with friends.

Asked what they feared the most during payday, 40.4 percent cited long lines at ATMs while 24.4 percent cited traffic jams.