Back to school shopping tips

Posted at May 18 2014 09:34 AM | Updated as of May 18 2014 05:34 PM

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MANILA, Philippines - Enrollment period has finally begun for some schools, and students are probably excited to shop for supplies as much as they are ecstatic to greet the incoming school year.

Some parents and students shop for school supplies before enrollment so they can avoid large crowds and being left with very few choices. Preparing ahead of time is a good practice, but it is smart to shop after enrollment. You’ll never really know what students need until they have been given a list of things they need for school. Most importantly, shopping after enrollment will allow you to better manage your finances. After paying for the tuition and other fees, you can easily allocate a budget for supplies and daily allowance.

Students in primary and secondary school usually get the school requirements list after enrollment. For college, basic items are usually expected during the first day, but each professor hands out a syllabus or course curriculum with a list of items they need for a specific course subject.

Buying bundles

If you’re looking for a great deal on notebooks, pens, and papers, buy bundle packages. Aside from saving time when shopping, you can also save some money. To get the amount that you’re paying for per item, simply get the total amount of the bundle divided by the quantity. Then, compare the amount to the amount of an item which is sold as single merchandise.

Reusing old items

There’s nothing wrong with reusing old items or settling for hand-me-downs. Most moms have uniforms altered or shoes and bags cleaned especially if their kid’s size did not change significantly or if it’s previously owned by an older sibling or relative. However, you need to make sure that the items that will be reused are in excellent condition.

Shopping online

What could possibly be more convenient than shopping online? Major bookstores and other sources for school supplies have websites where you can purchase or order any item. There are also online coupon sites that might make the best of the school season and offer school supplies at extremely low prices. Some have attractive offers, such as exclusive discounts and shipping.

Eco-friendly temptation

Be careful when buying “green” or eco-friendly goods because most of these products don’t have good quality. Even if some are relatively cheaper, it’s not a good investment because it wears/tears off easily. You might possibly think that you’re saving on costs and putting money into the green fund, but your expenses will double in the long run because you need to replace these items.

Compare and save

It is always wise to gather your options and compare them before buying right away what’s readily available. Consider different stores, brands or varieties. Remember that the cheapest is not always the best. Choose the best high-quality products at the lowest prices.

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