Meet the Filipino behind Bazinga Inc.


Posted at May 11 2013 09:51 AM | Updated as of May 11 2013 05:53 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Digital entertainment company Bazinga Inc. is hoping to make a splash in the competitive highly online gaming world.

Homer Nievera
Homer Nievera, Bazinga CEO, said the company wants to provide fun and entertainment to the public through social gaming.

"We develop, operate and market entertainment content worldwide. We are also into game development partnering. One partnership we are proud of is with
Palmagick Entertainment, the developer of Wordtrotter and a host of other games that will be
launched soon by Bazinga," he said.

Palmagick's online word game, Wordtrotter has gotten the nod of the world’s biggest gaming networks, such as Facebook, Big Fish Games, Wild Tangent, Mochi Media and Friendster.

In November 2012, Bazinga opened its global headquarters in Houston, Texas to make the so-called Pinoy "tech-genuity" easily accessible to the world stage.

It has also established affiliate offices in San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose in California, New York City, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Washington DC. It will soon open its London office.

Bazinga plans to explore the opportunities of “advergaming”. Though it has been around in the 1990s, its full potential has only been maximized recently because of the advent of social network gaming.

According to Nievera, advergaming is a fun and novel way of marketing through a downloadable game app that advertises a product.

"Think casual plugs or product use or product placement in the movie itself. The potential of having ad placements in your game that is creatively woven in it is one way of reaching out to your intended market," he said.

The CEO believes that when it comes to artistry and being tech-savvy, Filipinos can compete with the world's best.

But more than aiming to be known for online gaming, Bazinga wants to enable Filipino technopreneurs globally, said Nievera.

“That’s why we support the local game programmers and developers by providing the right venue to realize their dreams of having their software programs and games see the light of day, as we help them in developing and marketing their software and games both locally and internationally,” Nievera said.