How to make the most of 'tablet banking'


Posted at Apr 28 2014 11:52 AM | Updated as of Apr 29 2014 05:35 PM

MANILA - Tablet banking is a fun and convenient way of doing your banking transactions.

With the wide variety of tablets available in the market, tablets are fast becoming an alternative to laptops and personal computers (PC). And access is not limited to using the Internet browsers - the development of relevant apps has transformed tablets into both a computer and mobile, allowing users to maximize their devices, including the ability to perform simple banking transactions.

Tablets offer the portability and unimpeded access of mobile phones while using a larger screen like those of PCs and laptops.

Users like the colorful displays and the ease of the touchscreen.

Compared to banking on mobile phones, banking apps for tablets usually offer more features and interactive options.

They are also easier to use – one swipe or touch lets you complete transactions that may take longer when using mobile browsers. Their popularity has prompted a growing number of banks to offer their own tablet apps for a more convenient banking experience.

To make the most of tablet banking, here are some tips for you:

1. Keep your gadget secure. Don’t leave your tablet lying around or entrust it with others. Use a password to access it, and when online, use a trusted network. Turn off your settings for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using them, since hackers may use these to gain access to your device and apps. Download anti-theft apps, which allow you to remotely lock your tablet, locate it and even wipe out your data to protect you from identity thieves.

2. Update your settings and apps regularly. When prompted, update your software to boost security and address any kinks from old versions. You can also download anti-virus software to protect your tablet from internet viruses and malware, which can be used to steal your information, including usernames, passwords and even bank details.

3. Download official bank apps. Only trust your bank’s official app, which is secure and monitored. The internet offers various apps that allow you to do banking transactions, but avoid these since its developers and users are unknown.

4. Protect your information. Don’t leave your banking details or any personal information on your device. Memorize user names and passwords or keep them safe somewhere else. Make sure you log out so that no one can access your apps either.

5. Back up your data. You can keep hard copies and even sync your data to your other devices in case your tablet gets lost. If you’re going to dispose of your tablet, erase your data and all your apps. You never know what the next owner of your phone will do with your data.


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