What are airlines' ways to make you pay more?


Posted at Apr 23 2014 09:16 AM | Updated as of Apr 24 2014 08:23 PM

MANILA - Consumers are advised to be on the lookout for hidden charges and added fees airlines may charge when booking for flights online.

ANC's "On The Money," resident financial adviser Salve Duplito said that it is always key to be careful, as some airlines tend to be deceitful.

Duplito said that airfare has been cheaper in the recent years since more budget airlines have decided to operate in the country and broke the monopoly of Philippine Airlines.

However, consumers still have to be more vigilant because some of the choices are not what they seem to be.

Although this is the case, the government is also deceitful, according to Minimal Government Thinkers, Inc. president, Bienvenido Oplas Jr.

He said that government collects a big chunk of the total ticket price.

"It is safe to assume that government collects between 40% to 50% (or more) of the total ticket price."

These charges include all tax fees, terminal fees, fuel surcharge, and other similar added payments.

"The local airlines can be deceitful, but the government is the biggest cheat, at least in this case."

Duplito said that consumers must be wary of online booking sites, and must be aware of buttons to unclick to avoid unnecessary charges.

"If you're not careful, you will pay for things you don't need... In some airlines, insurance, baggage allowance, and seat selectors are checked by default... these can cost around P1200."

Although it may afford longer time for consumers to finish booking transactions with these added steps, it can help lessen the total fees to be paid.