Looking for a part-time summer job? Read this


Posted at Apr 22 2014 05:59 PM | Updated as of Apr 25 2014 12:42 AM

MANILA - For those who want to make money and do something worthwhile this summer, an online part-time job is a great option.

In an interview on ANC's "On the Money," JobsDB.com business development manager Cheng Veniles said that there are a lot of part-time jobs available involving online work.

There are also the offline ones that would require physically presence in the office, but online jobs would only need a working DSL with a work-at-home set-up.

"We have what we call online summer part-time jobs which would essentially involve online work... We're talking about part-time English teachers who teach English to Chinese or Japanese or Koreans [who] can do that for as long as they have DSL," she said.

Veniles said that because of technology and progression of businesses going digital, online jobs have been rising.

The reception of online jobs have also been positive, as it provides for more flexible work hours.

"The good thing about online jobs is that because of global technology, people can do it whether they are with friends or family, for example, or on vacation," she said.

She said that among jobs available online, virtual assistants is one of those positions being offered.

Virtual assistant jobs may vary, but they basically provide online assistance to professionals abroad.

"Virtual assistants are those who help out professionals abroad... someone who does the scheduling for a doctor in New York, someone who answers letters of a celebrity who is based in Hollywood," Veniles said.

She knew of a virtual assistant whose job involved posting photos of a celebrity on Facebook and was paid around P18,000 per month.

"We noted someone whose part-time job was actually to post Facebook posts on a celebrity's page... and she gets paid P18,000 a month."

Among other jobs available online in and out of the Philippines include:
> part-time virtual assistant
> graphic and web designer
> work from home financial auditor
> net programmer
> data encoder
> English and Chinese language teachers
> writers
> survey agents
> online marketers

According to Veniles, the set-up is quite simple. Someone contacts you and gives you a set of tasks. You then turn over the finished job or complete them before the deadline.

"You have someone who contacts you and gives you an assignment, 'Here are your assignments or the week, if you complete that, I'll give you another set'," she said.

Jobs may vary, as well as the salaries.

Compensation will based on word count, completion time, where the job is being sent or contacted to, or whatever may be the basis for measuring one's work.

"[It] depends of the number of words you write and it also depends whether it is a local or foreign assignment," Veniles said.

"It builds your track records. It makes sure that there is an agreement, for example, that my name would have to be there... then it's not so bad at all. That becomes part of your portfolio."