10 tips on saving the earth and saving money


Posted at Apr 18 2016 01:19 PM

The world celebrates Earth Day on April 22, a time to remember that the planet is our collective and personal responsibility. On this day, we recognize that our daily activities--the way we drive our cars, cook our food, and wash our clothes, can actually affect the environment.

Did you know that by implementing some lifestyle changes, you can help protect Mother Earth and at the same time save on your monthly expenses?

Here are 10 ideas on how you can do your part as a steward of the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and how to save money at the same time.

1. Use a cup when brushing your teeth.

We waste an enormous amount of water each time we leave the faucet running, which usually happens when we brush our teeth. To save on water usage, fill a cup with water and use this. This step will cut your water use substantially.

2. Invest in a water-saving equipment.

When you’re building or remodeling your house, opt for fixtures that help you cut your water consumption. For instance, most showers are configured to shoot out more water than you actually need, creating wastage. Using a slow-flow shower would be a good way to cut water wastage. There are also water closets that use less water when flushing.

3. Walk or bike.

Instead of taking the car when going somewhere near, try walking or taking a bike. Not only will you consume less gas, you can also get yourself some much-needed exercise.

4. Take public transportation.

Driving your own car means paying for gas and parking, as well as adding to the traffic snarls in the city. Consider taking the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) or other forms of public transportation when going somewhere accessible--not only do you cut down your carbon footprint, you also save yourself from the stresses of driving.

5. Buy a fuel-efficient car.

When buying a car, it’s tempting to go for powerful gas guzzlers. Examine your lifestyle and driving needs to determine if you really need a car with a powerful engine that uses more gas. If not, then go for a more fuel-efficient model.

6. Set up your room to use natural light.

Find ways to maximize the use of natural light by setting up your furniture appropriately. Take down large furniture that may be obstructing natural light sources. This will help you save electricity and also bring a feeling of lightness to your room.

7. Unplug appliances that are not in use.

We tend to forget to unplug appliances that are not being used. These actually act as vampires as they still consume some energy. Make it a habit to unplug everything, not only to cut power consumption, but also to protect your appliances and gadgets from electricity spikes while they are connected.

8. Use energy-efficient appliances.

Check out your appliances to make sure that they are energy-efficient. You may be amazed how much you can save in electricity costs by replacing an old television, refrigerator, or air conditioning unit with a newer, more energy-efficient one.

9. Do family activities outdoors.

Head outside for a change of pace and to save on power consumption. A lot of us tend to hole up inside the house, connected to gadgets or watching TV, which brings up power costs. Doing activities outside the house--a round of basketball, walk or jog around the block, or just to breathe in some fresh air, will help you save on electricity.

10. Consume less of everything.

Sometimes, we consume unnecessarily--eating or shopping more than we should. Make it a habit to ask yourself if you really have to buy that new shirt or that extra tub of ice cream. Making a conscious decision to cut back is one way of cutting our personal carbon footprint, while also helping us save real money.


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