How clothing brand is making worship a lifestyle

by Jon Carlos Rodriguez,

Posted at Apr 17 2014 12:59 PM | Updated as of Apr 21 2014 07:00 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Making worship a lifestyle is the advocacy of Worship Generation, a Christian merchandise brand that sells clothes and accessories.

“Love God, hate sin” and “Making Jesus famous” are not your typical T-shirt slogans, but the one-year-old brand has made these messages fashionable by giving it a twist through hip and modern designs.

The brand caters to those who are proud of their faith and who desire to proclaim God’s love.

Worship Generation’s products range from shirts, hoodies, lanyards to cellphone cases.

“We are of the notion that there is room for faith in the normal day-to-day world,” Kirk Damasco, the brand’s business development director, told ANC’s “Shoptalk.”

Damasco said the brand was created when his team was approached by religious group House of Praise in 2013 to create merchandise focused on spreading God’s word.

“We do have businesses that focus on different markets and this message that Worship Generation carries, if there is one message that we should spread, we believe it’s this message,” he said.

Damasco said the challenge in peddling Christian merchandise is that not all are passionate about their faith.

He admits that the positive response to their products came as a surprise, recognizing that religious messages aren’t popular choices when it comes to fashion.

“While I am amazed that many people buy in terms of sales, what’s more amazing is that we discover and realize that so many people are willing to wear shirts or merchandise that have these messages,” he said.

Shirts are priced between P395 to P450 while hoodies cost P1,500. The brand also carries “Team Jesus” collared shirts at P650.

Damasco said mixing business with spreading a positive message has been a fulfilling experience for him and his business partners.

“I can say that doing this has been one of the most meaningful things that I have done. Business is something I enjoy personally, but doing this is something very fulfilling,” he said.

Worship Generation have stores in Eastwood and Espana. Most of its products are also carried by House of Praise branches across Metro Manila.