Tanco tells Trillanes: Go ahead, investigate me

Warren de Guzman, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Apr 06 2016 09:01 PM

MANILA - Businessman and STI Education Services Group, Inc. (STI) executive Eusebio 'Yosi' Tanco said Senator Antonio Trillanes is welcome to investigate him and his businesses for any evidence of misconduct or criminal activity, as he is confident none will be found.

In an interview on the newest public accusations of Trillanes against him, Tanco addressed each allegation point by point.

One of Trillanes' allegations is that "some corrupt government officials are actually investing with Mr. Tanco." Another is that Tanco has "a stock trading business that deals with the foreign stock exchanges, so that's a very convenient way of laundering (your) money."

Tanco said his brokerage Venture Securities practices "Know Your Customer" or KYC and they have no government official as their client.

Tanco also stressed that "Venture has no dealings with foreign stock exchanges."

Tanco said the rest of what Trillanes accused him of was already taken up in the lengthy Senate hearings presided over by Trillanes on corruption allegations against Vice President Jejomar Binay.

Tanco said he explained his dealings with Binay involving the University of Makati, and the School of Nursing he helped set up for UMak through a joint venture between the city and STI. Tanco said all of this is above board.

He added that the joint venture itself is audited by SGV & Company, and Trillanes is welcome to look them up as the audit reports are public documents.

Tanco also said the "joint venture offers scholarships to residents of Makati and we charge minimal tuition. We did not get a single centavo from the city and no structure was built for the joint venture. We are tenants in an unused part of the University of Makati and we pay the city rent equal to the rates on Ayala Avenue."

As for Trillanes' declaration that this "warrants a deeper investigation," Tanco simply said nobody is stopping him.