Duterte: Pumapasok na ang pera ng China


Posted at Apr 01 2017 02:01 AM

MANILA - President Duterte said his talks with China regarding trade are now starting to bear fruit. 

In a speech during the ”Digong’s Day for Women” event at the Palace grounds, Duterte said Filipino products are starting to gain traction in China.

According to Duterte, Philippine pomelos and bananas are now being accepted in China and he plans to do the same in Russia, by dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

"Pumapasok na ang pera ng China. I think I made the correct decision to change course," he said.

The President added that he told China that even if he is not bringing up the arbitral ruling on the West Philippine Sea for now, he will have to bring it up again in the future. 

Duterte said this will take place if China starts extracting minerals and natural resources from the disputed sea. 

He also said he is willing to compromise in case China would suggest to divide the area. 

"Sabihin ko sila, amin rin iyan, so please do not forget us when you start exploiting, kasi dalawa tayong claimant. Eh kung magsabi silang hati, eh di mas maganda na," the president said.

Duterte also reiterated his previous position that he does not want to go to war with China over the disputed area.

"I will be a very stupid president if I place the lives of the Filipinos in jeopardy," he said.