What are the top jobs for fresh graduates?

by Jon Carlos Rodriguez, ABS-CBNnews.com

Posted at Mar 11 2014 03:58 PM | Updated as of Mar 12 2014 11:25 PM

MANILA, Philippines – A new batch of fresh graduates is expected to join the workforce in the coming months, but do they do know where to look?

According to a nationwide survey conducted by online jobs portal Jobstreet.com, with the 103,000 openings posted online that require fresh graduates, topping the list of the most in-demand specializations for fresh graduates is customer service.

Jobstreet.com Philippines marketing director Yolanda Buyco said this is driven by the number of business process outsourcing (BPO) and service-related firms that are constantly hiring.

Second in the list is jobs in IT/computer while third is in healthcare or nurse/medical support and assistant.

“If you are a fresh graduate, chances are, malilinya ka sa customer service or these specializations kasi kapag nagsimula ka naman, kahit mamili ka ng mamili kung walang trabaho sa mga pinipili mo, chances are you will land in jobs that are in demand. These are the attractive job openings for fresh graduates in 2014,” Buyco said.

Rounding up the top 10 list of specializations with high demand are technical and help desk support; hotel management/tourism services; clerical/administrative support; banking/financial services; sales (telesales/telemarketing); finance (general/cost accounting); and food, beverage, and restaurant service.

Customer service was also the specialization with the highest demand for last year's batch of fresh graduates.

For top hiring industries for fresh graduates, still topping the list is the BPO industry, which includes call centers and firms that offer IT-enabled services.

“The number one hirer of white collar candidates or fresh graduates in particular are the BPOs. Among all companies that we serve, they are the ones that are very hungry for a fresh pool of talents,” said Buyco.

There are also a lot of firms in the retail and merchandising that are look to hire fresh graduates, which Buyco attributes to the growing number of malls and shops opening in the country.

Buyco said the BPO and retail industries have been consistent in being the top industries hiring fresh graduates.

Also among top hiring industries are manufacturing/production; food and beverage/catering/restaurant; property/real estate; banking/financial services; general and wholesale trading; healthcare/medical; computer/IT; and education.

In the 469 companies that Jobstreet.com surveyed, only 17% said they did not hire a fresh graduate candidate from March 2013 to March this year.

Most of the companies that didn’t hire cited the lack of experience (45%) as the main reason for not hiring while others said openings are for specialized positions only (26%).

A small percentage said they didn’t hire in the given period because there was no vacancy (14%).

Most of the fresh graduates that were hired, on the other hand, were placed in the accounting and finance department (36%) while some were placed in sales (24%) marketing (21%).

“If you are a fresh graduate and you want to build a career in accounting and finance, you are in a good position because chances are you will be placed in these positions,” Buyco said.

The Jobstreet.com survey, which was conducted from February 17 to March 3, 2014, had 469 companies as respondents, representing a good mix of BPOs, top corporations and small and medium enterprises (SME).