LOOK: Teapot-shaped building in China


Posted at Mar 07 2014 04:00 PM | Updated as of Mar 08 2014 12:50 AM

An aerial view of a building shaped like a clay teapot is seen in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, China. Photo by Carlos Barria, Reuters

WUXI, China - Local residents from China's eastern city of Wuxi welcomed a giant teapot-shaped building as its landmark architecture.

Teapots made of red clay are one of the most popular traditional products in Wuxi, a city labelled as "Land of Fish and Rice" in China's eastern Jiangsu Province

The giant teapot, about as high as a 10-storey building, was designed to be a sales office by a real estate developer.

The large size of the teapot has attracted keen interest from local passers-by.

"I felt it looked like a mountain when I was driving up here from the back. As I drove closer, it is really a teapot. It is huge and it looks impressive. Apart from that, I just think it is very fun," said 27-year-old Jiang Yulin.

Local resident Xia Yinjian believed the giant teapot would become a landmark for Wuxi city.

"I think it is highly likely to become a landmark building for Wuxi because red-clay teapots are a special local product from Yixing Wuxi, representing Wuxi's culture. That could attract more tourists to come to Wuxi. I also think it is very beautiful and it definitely will become landmark architecture," Xia said.

Other local residents think the teapot will take it's place as a landmark like other unique structures in cities including Beijing, London and Guangzhou, China.

"Comparing to China's Central Television building "Big Underpants" and little cucumber (The Gherkin) or the Coin etc. in other places, teapot has its own meaning, and the meaning is relatively elegant," 33-year-old Lancy Gao said.

The construction of the teapot building began last September. It is expected to open officially to the public on March 16.