How to lose weight without gaining debt

from a report by Salve Duplito, ANC On The Money

Posted at Mar 05 2014 01:18 PM | Updated as of Mar 05 2014 09:19 PM

MANILA, Philippines - For some people, losing the pounds can also mean piling on debt, as they get gym memberships, buy workout clothes and weight-loss body treatments.

If you are like a majority of Filipinos, you are likely overspending just to shed those pounds.

Several interviews with women who tried to lose weight last year, showed they overspent on the following items:

Gym memberships - P2,500 to P5,000 a month

Some specialty gyms in Makati may even cost up to P10,000 a month.The tragedy is that only 2 out of 10 women who sign up for gym membership actually use them.

Slimming treatments - between P10,000 to P40,000

Most big gyms offer slimming treatments. Staff will keep on selling them to you and if you don't resist, you may find yourself spending up to P40,000 on some treatments.

But most of these "treatments" don't really work and may even be harmful since these are shortcuts. Exercise is harder and takes longer. But you need to exercise to strengthen your organs, build bone density and healthier muscles.

Gym clothes and shoes - P5,000 to P15,000

Exercise shoes also protect your body from high-impact exercise. Visit any shoe store and you'll get a lost in the different kinds of shoes you can buy - from cross-fit to running to other sports.

Women and men easily lose themselves in the habit of buying nice work-out clothes even if they don't actually exercise.

Health drinks and accessories - P5,000 to P12,000

Whether its a protein drink or a bracelet that's supposed to give you balance, these drinks and accessories are not cheap. Look at the fine print of these products and you'll notice there are no direct claims that these actually work.

Here are some tips to get into shape without ruining your budget:

1. Go for a simple routine you can commit to.

It's no use getting a gym membership if you don't use it at all. Find a routine you can stick with, like jogging or using a stationary bike inside your house.

2. Find exercise videos you can do at home.

Exercise videos are cheap and easy to follow. You can also ask your friends to come over and exercise with you.

3. Figure out whether you're the type who needs a personal trainer.

Getting a personal trainer may cost a little more but it is worth it to see results.

Losing weight can be done with the right perspective and strategy.