Are Pinoys OC about their personal hygiene?

By Jeo Angelo Chico Elamparo,

Posted at Feb 20 2014 07:55 PM | Updated as of Feb 21 2014 06:13 PM

Report shows Pinoys spend a lot for personal hygiene

MANILA -- Are Filipinos really conscious about their personal hygiene? The recent Kantar Media Advertising Expenditure Report seems to confirm it.

According to television audience measurement provider Kantar Media, most of the top product categories advertised on television are products related to personal hygiene care such as soaps, shampoos and laundry aids.

Kantar Media General Manager Gabriel V. Buluran explained that this might be due to the Philippines being a tropical country.

"It might be because the Philippines is a tropical country that's why we feel the need [to take a bath]," said Buluran.

It's been said that Filipinos take a bath more often than those who live in temperate countries.

Out of the top 5 product categories advertised on television, four items are personal hygiene care-related.

The top two product categories advertised on television are detergents and laundry aids, and hair shampoo products, respectively.

Meanwhile, occupying the fourth and fifth spots are toothpaste, mouthwash and toothbrush, and hair conditioning products.

Here are the top categories that are advertised on TV, according to Kantar Media:

  1. Detergents and laundry aids
  2. Hair shampoo
  3. Milk powder
  4. Toothpaste, mouthwash and toothbrush
  5. Hair conditioner
  6. Corporate advertising
  7. Wireless telephony
  8. Entertainment
  9. Facial Care
  10. Miscellaneous food products

Meanwhile, the top brands that were advertised on television last year also seemed to confirm the Filipinos' frequent cleaning habit.

Of the 10 items enumerated in the list, only one is not a personal hygiene care product.

Here are the top brands that are advertised on TV, according to Kantar Media:

  1. Palmolive shampoo with conditioner
  2. Colgate toothpaste
  3. Surf detergent powder
  4. Ariel detergent powder
  5. Creamsilk hair conditioner
  6. Sunsilk hair shampoo
  7. Selecta ice cream
  8. Downy fabric conditioner
  9. Tide detergent powder
  10. Joy dishwashing cleaner