Which lechon sellers paid zero taxes in 2012?


Posted at Jan 08 2014 01:19 PM | Updated as of Jan 09 2014 05:29 PM

MANILA, Philippines - For most Filipinos, a holiday feast won't be complete without lechon. With each lechon costing thousands of pesos, you would think lechon sellers would be paying hundreds of thousands in taxes to the government.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue, in its latest Tax Watch ad, noted there are several popular lechon places that paid zero taxes in 2012.

The BIR identified lechon sellers Three Little Pigs and Rico's Lechon as having filed income tax returns but paid zero taxes.

Other sellers, Elars Lechon, Jiro's Lechon, Sabroso Lechon, Cris Native Lechon, Aling Loring's and Hecky's Lechon, had no record of income tax returns filed with the BIR.

Meanwhile, the BIR said CnT Lechon, based in Cebu, is the top taxpayer among lechon sellers. CnT paid P465,270 in taxes in 2012.

Ulcing's Lechon is the second top taxpayer, paying P123,255 in taxes in 2012, followed by Ping-Ping's Lechon (P93,456) and Charlie's Pritchon (P67,282).

Lydia's Lechon is the fifth top taxpayer, paying P47,017 in taxes in 2012, followed by Cebu-based Zubuchon with P32,697 and Jun & Jun's Lechon with P17,259.

General's Lechon paid only P5,594 in taxes in 2012, while Mila's Lechon paid P5,099 in taxes.

"Mila's Lechon had P5,099 income tax due, which is less than the price of their 18-kilo lechon," the BIR said.