OPINION: Liars and Thieves

Tin Bartolome

Posted at Dec 10 2016 03:43 AM

My mother used to say, “Ang sinungaling, kapatid ng magnanakaw”. I used to wonder what this meant. I realize, I now know what it means because I am actually seeing it on TV and in social media.

What is it about liars and thieves that makes them so repulsive? 

Some people say that each of us has lied a number of times. That’s true, but if one has already been elected Senator or President, one needs to be careful about lying and public statements. After all, a person who is accountable to the people does not just take back what has already been said! 

We, citizens, take such statements seriously, as we treat cemeteries with respect—we don’t just bury anybody in hallowed ground! Dogs belong to pet cemeteries, respectable people belong to special cemeteries that should not accommodate the bodies of despots, killers and thieves.

These days, however, honor seems to have a price tag and can be stolen just like any commodity. And speaking of honor, why do we address those in office as “honorable” even if they aren’t? Why are we subservient to public servants? And, indeed, why do liars and thieves get elected?

A good number of them are so thick-skinned as to run for office, but none can compare with those who have already been driven away for having plundered the country’s coffers, killed, tortured or caused the disappearance of those who went against them and have never apologized despite all the evidence against them. How can they act with such impunity? They have tried to revise history, to whitewash their deeds. And why do they have this enabler?

Liars and thieves—they are so alike—when a person lies to you, he deprives you of the truth in the same way a thief deprives you of what is yours when he takes it away from you. 

My mother was right. She always warned against associating with liars and thieves— she should also have warned against electing them to public office!

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