OPINION: Hillary!

Buddy Gomez

Posted at Nov 04 2016 01:53 AM

If you have not yet done so, since in the Philippines folks rarely do, it is time you read and bone up on Hillary!  

Without any major mistake, by the end of the fifth day as we pound on this keyboard, the leadership of the most powerful nation in the world, shall have been won by Hillary Rodham Clinton. By dint of determination, dignity and integrity, she has overcome!  The most formidable glass ceiling over the political life of the United States  shall have been shattered, ending centuries of man’s chauvinism.

(Election Day in the US is not in the US Constitution but is designated by Congressional mandate.  It is held on “the Tuesday immediately after the first Monday in November.” This means that the earliest possible would be  November 2--following a November 1 Monday--and the latest by November 8, November 7 being the first Monday. Most states allow for early voting which can occur from a week to even a month and half before Election Day itself, aside from the additional facility of absentee balloting via the post office.)

An analytical tally of the Electoral College votes (based on the State by State popular votes) conducted by many national broadcast media organizations has consistently positioned Mrs. Clinton above the minimum winning level count of 270,  over a consistent deficiency suffered by her Republican contender, Donald Trump.

No American election of memory has ever been more contentious and attended by uncharted negative virulent content.   

Through the long and  perilous way, Hillary has proven herself to be well-composed, in command and in possession of that steely mettle that survived the longest drawn, the most aggressive, invasive, intrusive and unrelenting vetting process in the history of American politics. And in all probability, in that of the world.  

In the recorded annals of  the rough and tumble of dirty partisan politics, there is no other known instance of character assassination of a political leader of such intensity, carried over such length of time--three decades of lies, smears, vilification by innuendo and guilt-by-association all calculated to create an image of corruption personified and untrustworthiness as that heaped upon Hillary by her detractors! A great amount of wealth and sweat has been marshalled, invested and expended by the Conservative power brokers who dreaded the reality of another Clinton ascendancy in the leadership of the nation. All towards tainting Hillary. The ultimate objective was of course to destroy her. Accusations upon serial accusations,  framing her with interminable barrages of dirt all in the vain attempt to reduce Hillary into a political monster, a “terrible, horrible, a no-good human being.”

Yet, there has never been a candidate for the chief magistracy of any nation on earth that has gone through a more thorough political internship  and  preparation. Truly, none ever so qualified, so demonstrably able and experienced as Hillary. A graduate of the prestigious Wellesley College, a Yale lawyer, a Brownie and a Girl Scout in her much younger years, a political and social activist for most of her professional life life, a committed and very staunch advocate for the causes of children and families, a co-architect of  national health care reform, a First Lady (twice so involved and committed), a very productive and effective US. Senator and Secretary of State. No other American President presides  with so broad an intimate familiarity and involvement with as many humane causes, countries and cultures. No other quite like Hillary!

An ineradicable visage of Mrs. Hillary R. Clinton that I have always relished with awe and admiration is when she very famously stood before the Chinese Communist behemoth in Beijing, China during a United Nations Conference on Women in 1995.  Standing proud and confident, she declared: “Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights.”  

Human rights is an indispensable element in the exercise of the forthcoming version of US world leadership under President Hillary Rodham Clinton.  

The Republicans 

The last two living former Presidents (the Bushes, both Republicans) and their respective spouses and families have declared that they are voting for Hillary. This is a top-tier Republican family’s reaction to what an abomination the Republican nominee, the unforgettable Donald Trump, has become.  The Donald’s revenge emerges, perhaps, unintentionally. Be that as it may, it is still the effective evisceration of the Grand Old Party, redemption from which cannot as yet be discerned from the flotsam.

Enterprise journalism will  certainly have its hands full in the days ahead, keyboards a-clicking  and the presses rolling with the 2016 American electoral debacle.  Mostly, hindsight and fanciful!

A  GOP reinvention is evidently called for. How this is to be approached, dissected, reformulated, resuscitated will be a political junkie’s menu for the foreseeable future.  Until, Hillary’s re-election, perhaps?

Hillary has become the moment of dread that Republicans have most feared! 

Thirty years of investment in spite and  malice, of repeatedly tainting Hillary Rodham Clinton with the exaggerated and manufactured ghosts of the many White Waters, Benghazis and careless e-mails; of accusations upon accusations without a sliver of  proof.  All  were vain concoctions of coveted perceptions that did not translate much less cohere to their hopes for political reality. What a waste of inordinate amounts of wealth!

The malicious contrivance of attempting political perceptions do succeed, but only when allowed to remain unchallenged. Some attacks obviously earn and gain traction. Consistent repetitions, a la Goebbels, do convert lies into accepted truths.   

But not with Hillary! She was always steadfast and confident, fighting back in veneration of the Truth, standing proud and erect, with dignity and integrity uncowed.

An extra happily smiling sidelight

Come Wednesday, America may also wake up to a sunnier, smiley morning!  More States, because of the salutary health and fiscal experience of some earlier pioneering States like Washington, Colorado and Oregon, will have voted to likewise legalize Marijuana for recreational use, enlisting the joyful item among  the array of tobacco and alcohol concoctions.  Twenty-four other States already allow marijuana use in some form  of legality or other.  

Back in the Philippines, I recall that we have had a rather shy show of  assenting hands in our House of Representatives, an attempt at assessing public  reception and acceptance of the marijuana idea! Seriously, now. Sincerely, methinks, the moment is at hand!

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