Use of Rock, Wait Paint, and Bear for your Cooperation

by Tin Bartolome

Posted at Nov 01 2014 02:53 AM | Updated as of Nov 01 2014 10:55 AM

Mistakes like these can be embarrassing. A little prudence may have prevented them, but lessons are often learned after mistakes are committed.

“Use of Rock”
Usufruct is a legal term that means “the right of enjoying all the advantages derivable from the use of something that belongs to another, as far as is compatible with the substance of the thing not being destroyed or injured.”

While “use of rock” does sound so much like usufruct, it is not really clear what rock is being referred to and what use it would be to whatever will be planted on that piece of property—or whether it is used for breeding imported fighting cocks.

Mistaking the word “usufruct” for “use of rock” seems so natural because they sound alike. And to someone who has never encountered the word before, he simply writes down what he hears. The term refers to a right that not very many people have heard about. What is ironic is that there is a legal maxim that says ignorance of the law is not an excuse – “ignorantio legis non excusat”. This only proves that many of us do not know enough of the law that could protect us!

“Wait Paint”
Now, “Wait paint” is a totally different matter. I think this is easy enough to understand as one has to wait for the paint to dry. If you strain a bit, you will see that most paints require some “wait” before you can touch the newly painted surface. This can be tricky as this photo was taken at one of our international airports!

“We Bear for Your Cooperation”
I do not quite know how to explain “we bear for your cooperation”. I guess it means “inaasahan ang inyong kooperasyon”.

Signs are made to convey messages, information or instructions. Using a language other than the vernacular garbles messages, especially if accurate translation is not possible. There is a great difference between “humihingi po kami ng paumanhin sa abala” and “pardon the inconvenience”.

“Use Of Rock,” “Wait Paint” and “We bear for your cooperation” are examples of what could happen when we assume that using a foreign language makes us seem better educated. On the contrary, it actually shows how little we know!

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