OPINION: That humongous traffic congestion...


Posted at Sep 30 2016 03:04 AM

...like no other we have ever suffered before, will descend upon Metro Manila, striking to infuriate and frustrate the Christmas Holidays!

Let us psyche ourselves and prepare. To conquer its inevitability and alleviate the suffering we will impose upon ourselves and upon everybody else by being out in the streets all at the same time Christmas shopping, (when in fact there is a tiny self-sacrificial opening towards easing the congestion by simply staying home and avoiding the streets!) it is strongly recommended, as it would be best, that our Christmas shopping be commenced and be done with, achieved as soon as possible. Like, this weekend or next. Do not even wait for November. Let that be our good deed for the Season. Otherwise, this year’s Christmas rush, worse than ever, will be undiminished, daunting chaos and traumatic immobility. 

There is no doubt it is already happening. Last Friday’s simultaneous experiences, (travel time of two hours to negotiate distances of less than 8 kilometers might just be the new normal!) in many parts of town, umbrage expressed via all available communications platforms, provided the inescapability of what awaits the motorist in the concrete jungles of Metro Manila! Worse unstoppably transitioning to worst!


Of course, President Duterte is not to blame. Not even former President, Noynoy Aquino, alone. What we have come to, on the other hand, is the compounded result of serial and collective failure of government administrations to have taken seriously the available foreknowledge of economic growth and burgeoning demographics combined with the failure to lay the groundwork for the irreducible spatial necessities with which to meet such unerringly forecast future. 

The past, both the long and the immediate, have proven that translating foreknowledge into actionable foresight is beyond the ken of a succession of Philippine government administrations.

There is no longer any need debating the situation. Emergency action is now! Yet, we are threatened with the fact that the action intended to be taken may even be the wrong action! Who is to deny that the problem, the debilitating malaise of Metro Manila is aptly and succinctly defined with just one word: OVERLOAD! That being the reality, the solution (s) must likewise be encapsulated in just one word: UNLOAD!

I have it on excellent A-1 information, from unimpeachable government sources, that despite their claimed “roomful of plans” addressing the solutions for Metro Manila, there has been no consideration at all, much less mention, of the concept of population dispersal and redistribution as an elemental component, the ultimate constituent of bringing succor to an overload and abused space, because that is what Metro Manila is! 

The sheer absence of logic is maddening. All that the concerned government authorities have spoken of are infrastructure and shuffling and reshuffling of transportation facilities--all within the same limited, abused and overloaded space! 

Having said that, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that despite all the noise and promises, there really is no solution forthcoming that will effectively address and solve Metro Manila with satisfactory finality. Irreversible suffocation and the inevitable demise of an already much deteriorated quality of life await the Metropolis! The simple fact is that President Duterte has proven himself to be an incompetent administrator specializing mainly in bloodthirsty dictatorial goonship!


Government continues to be blind. 

The ultimate sine qua non to solve ‘overload’ is to ‘unload.’ Unload in order to create space! (And certainly not for more Malls.)
Creating space in Metro Manila can only materialize when it is preceded by a well-planned intelligent population dispersal and redistribution, towards farther off distances that offer a healthier quality of life. Candidate entities (both public and private) and its corresponding activities and populations (people, payroll and services) would necessarily be those that do not require a Metro Manila presence in order exist and/or to pursue their missions and reasons for existence! There are many distinct and reasonable possibilities. Put on your thinking caps and start lining up your choices.

Manila can remain ‘Imperial’ but debilitating obesity must go! Manila must shed off excess fat!


Once again, with feeling!

I have said this before and I refuse to be abashed, and be red or blue in the face! Once again. Dogged reiteration and public nagging will hopefully find its mark eventually. And if you folks, friends or foe, find merit in the thoughts advanced, please enhance the discourse by adapting and putting forward the salvation of Metro Manila in the kindest of your sentiments and concerns. Please. Bring these to the attention of a friendly (and sober--there are some, you know!) Congressman and/or Senator.

One. The continued presence in Metro Manila of all the GHQs (general headquarters) of all military branches of services is an irrelevance, an uncomfortable anomaly, even, for all concerned. A programmed relocation to farther off sites will spawn new economic activity that will create geographically allocated construction booms; produce employment and business opportunities; create new wealth in non-Capital Region venues, providing a better quality of life for enlisted men and families. Relocating these military camps will lead to a more equitable distribution of progress and engines of local growth. And,

Two. Pasig and Marikina Rivers are the only unutilized open spaces in Metro Manila. They are national patrimony. It is time that the rock-bottom of these riverbanks were utilized as foundations for a series of viaducts that will carry skyways, highways, thoroughfares, and/or another railway line. The Pasig goes East-West, which directional route Metro Manila has never had. Furthermore, there will be no right of way hassles. Why not?

The solution to OVERLOAD is UNLOAD! So should it be with Metro Manila !

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