Hap a lop

by Teddy Locsin, Jr.

Posted at Aug 30 2014 05:03 PM | Updated as of Aug 31 2014 01:03 AM

The anti-pork rally at the Luneta was not a whimpering failure because just 5 to 20,000 attended it. I put the correct estimate at 10,000. It was a roaring success simply because once again it took place. Lucky anyone showed up even if everyone is up in arms against unconstitutional pork, presidential rather than legislative prerogative to dispense it, and charter change to stop the Supreme Court from stopping executive-legislative abuses in the future as well as stopping presidents from running again as the 1987 Constitution stipulates and as Cory Aquino herself wisely showed by her example, even if legally, she could have run again because she won election not under the 1987 Constitution but under the Marcos constitution. Administration people should not take the public initiative personally even if the rally was directed at them personally, especially the guy from Batanes--a cluster of islets I have long urged the government to turn over to China.

The anti-pork rallies have the same goal as this government claims for itself, which is to eradicate corruption. Insanely, government wants to eradicate corruption by going after those it accuses of being corrupt in the previous administration unless they have sworn allegiance to the current administration though so far, the government’s only showing in the courts is its complete lack of any evidence against the accused. This lack can at best and at worst only show how smart the corrupt in the past have been in hiding the spoils of their corruption. That is, if you are stupid enough to believe that if there is no proof of corruption, it is not proof of innocence but clever concealment. In that respect, those accused of corruption under GMA are pretty much like those who are certainly corrupt today under Noynoy.

Sooner or later, the courts will throw these baseless if highly indignant cases, as the courts have started to do.

But why let the lack of proof, the impossibility of getting proof, get in the way of eradicating corruption? The rally at Luneta, comparatively small though it was, is pointing to the way to do that without having to accuse people of it without proof. The rally suggests instead removing all opportunities for corruption, or making graft so transparent that you can see the theft if it takes place; hence, the call to abolish pork in any disguise; including especially presidential pork, which is the purest pork because all pork is given by the president.

If the people at the Luneta are listened to, instead of rebuffed as wrong or few--as if numbers decide what is wrong or right--this admin can eradicate corruption without having to accuse people of it without proof.

Isn’t that a good thing? We may or may not be able to legally punish the thieves of yesterday but it is better to stop the thieves of today who add insult to injury by acting so indignantly about crimes others--or even they themselves--committed yesterday and which they commit today.

And while we are at it, throw in the FOI unless the administration is afraid of getting caught tomorrow for what it is stealing today. I myself am prepared to make the FOI prospective and applicable only to whatever is stolen after its enactment. As they say in the vernacular, “Hap a lop (loaf) ees bittir dan madre (nun)."

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