The INC readies to rumble

Inday Espina-Varona

Posted at Aug 27 2015 08:59 PM | Updated as of Aug 28 2015 06:03 AM

Someone called some friends to a "VERY URGENT" meeting over lunch today. The big news, shared by these excited folks, was supposedly about the beginning of the end of President Benigno Aquino III.

And the chosen hammer of justice is supposed to be … the Iglesia ni Cristo.

The story goes: Today, some 200,000 members of the INC will mob the Department of Justice. Yes, a big crowd was there this afternoon – word is, they will stay on and on. They are protesting Justice Secretary de Lima’s “selective justice.”

The plot is: that more and more people will join that crowd and then a big push to EDSA takes place on Friday till Monday. Net25 on its Facebook page says members from 29 districts will be reinforcing their comrades starting tomorrow.

I was stunned, silent for 30 seconds. And then I burst out laughing.

Considering the source was part of the group that promised the end of days last year during the EDSA anniversary – and barely mustered enough forces to fill the shadows of the overpass – the ambitious goal seems like a joke.

But there is nothing amusing about the plan. The INC can mobilize big numbers. It has shut down cities with medical missions alone.

Any INC-backed move should raise the hackles of all those seeking genuine democratic social change in this country.

That de Lima – and the entire Aquino government -- is guilty of selective justice is nothing new. It's TRUE.

I’ve said that before. Just look at the pork cases and how their tame pets and dirty tricks folk are kept safe from prosecution. Just look at Mamasapano and PNOY trying to coddle his best buddy Alan Purisima. Just look at all the corruption in the agriculture sector and how Sec. Prospero Alcala remains untouchable.

The list goes on and on. Yes, the government practices selective justice.

But if the INC thinks I’m going to believe its leaders and allies can give us a brand new day, they can think again.

The INC is a connoisseur of power. Their leaders enjoy playing kingmakers, parlaying this role into juicy government-post quotas for their members and allies. Plus, they’re in bed with Vice President Jejomar Binay (though they have been and are in bed with virtually any powerful politician in this country).

If there is a serious feud, it’s just another elitist squabble – especially when you add the presence of Peping and Tingting Cojuangco.

Really now, can the INC by its lonesome bring down this government? No. Even if they muster a crowd of a million, they will remain isolated until and unless they are able to galvanize a genuine mass movement.

But why would the masses – not matter how angry at PNOY – go to their aid? They are an instrument of the powerful, always have been.

So some people are trying to drop some names. Good thing the people they talk to like to verify whatever they hear. No, the broad mass movement has no truck with this stunt.

But I’d take it very seriously. As am sure Malacanang is. The INC has members who can command armed men with access to weapons. If it comes to that. The government – which has its share of thugs – will have been preparing countermoves.

It can get ugly. For them. For us. Hopefully not too much for ordinary citizens. As far as I’m concerned, they can tear each other to shreds. That would give the rest of us some breathing space.

On the other hand, conspiracy theorists are starting to whisper -- that it may be a ploy to make the stumbling, blubbering Aquino government look kawawa and heroic again.

Choose your plot.

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