Understanding the People's Initiative rally

Hot Manila - by Alan Robles

Posted at Aug 25 2014 04:41 PM | Updated as of Aug 26 2014 12:41 AM

Some people say the rally today for the People's Initiative was a thinly concealed exercise to overthrow the President. Lies! Canards! This rally was all about principles not personality. We're not after the President at all. The rally was based on a rigorous and careful scientific analysis of the country's social, economic and political factors.

In fact, long before the rally, we consulted the masses to determine their positions on certain issues. They were even given a survey where they were free to answer as they wanted. The survey was administered by the extremely credible and respected Kulang Scholar Jerkworthy Research Institute. Here is a copy of the questions:

1. Are you happy with the state of the country?
a. Yes, the President has to be ousted
b. No, the President must go
c. I don't know, the President should step down

2. Do you know what the People's Initiative rally is all about?
a. Yes, let's impeach the President
b. No, let's oust the president
c. I don't know, let's kick out the President

3. Will you attend the rally?
a. Yes, let's impeach the President
b. No, let's impeach the president
c. I don't know, let's impeach the President

4. "I will attend the rally because I think the most pressing problem in the whole country today is"
a. Pork and the President
b. Poverty and the President
c. Corruption and the President

5. "To be credible a People's Initiative rally should always include the burning of effigies of the President"
a. Yes
b. Definitely
c. Of course, yehey

6. "Every People's Initiative rally should end with a march to the Presidential Palace"
a. Aprub!
b. Go go go
c. Don't forget the violence

7. Do you...
a. He's an idiot

8. Shh, we haven't finished asking the question yet

a. Oh sorry

9. Do you believe the People's Initiative rally is actually a personal, bitter and unbalanced attack on the President?
a. No, he's an idiot
b. Of course not, he's abnoy
c. That's a lie, he's a tard

10. There has been absolutely no progress and improvement in the last few years because of
a. The trapo system and the President
b. The imperialists and their lackeys like President
c. The reactionary feudalistic oligarchs and the President

11. Do you get the feeling the whole thing is being manipulated by certain groups?
a. No
b. Definitely not
c. Of course not, heaven forbid and hope to die

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