Does ex-Senate President Enrile look deathly ill to you?

By Raïssa Robles

Posted at Jun 26 2014 06:20 PM | Updated as of Jun 27 2014 02:20 AM

Old age and declining health are reasons the former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile cited for the court to grant him bail.

The request was accompanied by a May 16, 2014 medical certificate from a Dr. Claver Ramos of Makati Medical Center.

Dr. Ramos, an internist specializing in nephrology, listed a long list of ailments that the 90-year-old Enrile has:

 diabetes mellitus,
 essential hypertension,
 extensive coronary artery calcification in the right coronary,
 left anterior descending and left circumflex,
 multifocal ventricular premature beats,
 episodes of bradycardia,
 colonic diverticulosis,
 thoracic and lumbar spondylosis L4-L5,
 alpha thalassemia,
 macular degeneration,
 chronic lacunar ischemic zones,
 scattered small luminal plaques of proximal middle segments of basilar artery, both horizontal and insular opercular branches of middle cerebral arteries.

Meanwhile, Enrile’s doctor is saying Enrile’s health would be greatly at risk if he were to be confined at the police custodial center all by himself. It has a single bed, a bath and shower, a ceiling fan and a small window. But it is much better than the bunkhouses built for the families of the Yolanda typhoon victims.

And how about Golden Acres?

I’d like to invite other doctors to explain what Enrile’s illnesses are in laymen’s terms and how serious these illnesses are.

The evidence out there, however, speaks louder than the doctor’s medical certificate.

Only last November, Enrile delivered a 31-minute privilege speech on the floor of the Senate standing up, without a 24-hour nurse interrupting him to take his bp (blood pressure).

Besides, Enrile himself was strong enough for the grueling jobs of presiding over an impeachment court while personally writing his own memoirs – at least if you believe his own words.

On page 714 of his book, he said:

 “Writing my memoirs proved to be an emotional roller-coaster ride for me.”

And on the next page, he also wrote:

 Enrile-book“I am now on my last term in the Senate and it ends in 2016. By then, I would be 92. I just pray that I will stay in good health and in good humor.”

What does this mean?

This means, Enrile himself believed at the time of his writing his memoirs that he was in good health. It would be interesting to ask Dr. Ramos how long Enrile has had those illnesses he enumerated.

Was it before 2012 when Enrile published his memoirs?

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