Full House

by Tin Bartolome

Posted at Jun 19 2014 08:07 PM | Updated as of Jun 20 2014 04:07 AM

In poker, a full house means a pair and three of a kind. It’s the title of a Korean romantic comedy series featuring Korean singer Rain. It’s also a theater company based in the UK. It was what our home was last Fathers’ Day weekend.

I met our goddaughter for the second time after 8 years when I brought something to her dad’s office Monday afternoon. We hit it off right away and we hung out until her dad came to pick her up. My sister-in-law dropped off my nephew Tuesday morning and by Thursday, my goddaughter was back for a sleepover because my daughter promised to give her colorful streaks on her hair.

Fathers’ Day weekend happened to include family day for the company my husband works for, so after a day at a theme park, we spent the night at a nearby resort. It felt like a full house, especially because we all stayed in one room.

But more than physical closeness, I felt a bond with our two “newbies”. I hardly knew them as they both grew up abroad but I appreciated the trust they and their parents gave us.

These two reminded me of my own kids when they were their age. I was aware that they are different, yet what they said and did seemed so familiar—maybe because they shared many of my own children’s interests and preferences. Then again, maybe because there are common values, qualities and sentiments we, as parents, share—and the children sort of “absorb” them.

I thought about how it must feel to have so many kids— I believe that the nurturing process is different for each child. One does not really treat all the children the same way. Some have more needs than others, some flourish when left alone, while others need to close guidance.

Parents must get to know all their children really well. That way, they would immediately know how to handle difficult situations and help them reach their potentials. That way, each child can be a favorite—even in a full house!

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