What makes a Marcos cry?

by Alan Robles

Posted at Jun 01 2015 11:12 PM | Updated as of Jun 02 2015 10:47 AM


Sensational news! In a hearing last week, Senator Bongbong Marcos became emotional after listening to the tale of a young student who committed suicide.It's headline material because all these years, Marcos junior has shed nary a salty tear over the thousands of people tortured, maimed and brutally killed during his dictator dad's Martial Law regime.

What could have moved junior to turn on the waterworks only now? One possible reason: he only saves his boo-hoos for suicide victims – and there were no suicides under his father's dictatorship. Only state sponsored murders, killings and massacres.

Another possible reason: Marcos refuses to weep for the victims of Martial Law because he's a firm believer in the famous Gloria Arroyo leadership principle known as “Let's Move On...Far Away From My Crimes Until Nobody Remembers Them.”

To be fair, it could be that Bongbong is simply unable to focus. He can't get an emotional grip dealing with tens of thousands of dictatorship victims, but he can concentrate and blubber when it comes to the case of one student. Who committed suicide. Who didn't live under Martial Law.

By the way, speaking of school youth did you know Bongbong's sister Imee figured in the savage torture and killing of a 21-year old college student in 1977? It was during a public forum with Imee that Archimedes Trajano, enrolled at Mapua Institute of Technology, dared question, to her face, her credentials and also brought up the human rights abuses of her father. For this he was dragged off by Imee's guards. A day or two later his mangled, bloodied body was found on the street.

All this might lead you to ask, do the Marcoses have human emotions and traits at all all? Of COURSE they do. You can see greed can't you? And the dishonesty is so evident. You might think it's impossible for reptilians to weep, but you should know that during the dictatorship First Lady Imelda was prone to crying on any occasion. Her tears would cascade to the ground, instantly turning into fat pearls that were fought over by her rapacious clones, the Blue Ladies – so-called because they painted themselves bright blue until they looked like evil smurfs with beehive hairdos.

As for that old monster, Ferdinand Senior, we're pretty sure that if he were alive, he would be perfectly capable of shedding foul tears given the right circumstances.

Things that would make dictator Marcos cry, if he were still alive:

1. Realizing he's only number two (after Suharto) in the World's Most Corrupt Dictators List
2. Seeing so many Filipinos walking around free, unlooted and unoppressed
3. Seeing his son get a REAL Oxford degree. So unthinkable, so impossible, it can make a giant concrete bust cry.
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