OPINION: If Duterte has nothing to hide...

Buddy Gomez

Posted at May 04 2016 11:24 PM

The question, my dear, is if the candidate you idolize has nothing to hide, why is he slinking in evasive contortions? 

Duterte, characteristically cocky, believes he can smokescreen himself away from the grip of the recently unearthed truth. If indeed Rodrigo R. Duterte has nothing to hide, after all the braggadocio and consistent self-branding as fearless and forthright--by tough talk, uncouth behavior and gutter language-- why not simply bare his financial entrails. 

Of course, the world knows that a straight forward disclosure unadorned by equivocation is truly liberating. The cleansing of one’s supposed unsullied reputation without comparison. Or, inevitably, fatal!

Must Duterte be reminded once more that if there is nothing to fear, there is nothing to hide. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear! Evidently there is too much to hide. And this tough guy knows it is going to be fatal. Most of all, excruciatingly, fatally painful to his sincere and loyal followers.

By temporizing, this haughty ‘punisher,’ this promised champion of existential change has been reduced to a strange hybrid of a jelly fish and a squid, intentionally inky and without a backbone when facing the painful truth. This bully is unable to man up!

Duterte is now in an obstructing/obfuscating mode. Under the circumstances, it is the stance of a weakling. His lame defense of the revealed hidden bank accounts and dozens of real estate property holdings can only cause demoralization for those who clung to the ardent admiration that, at last, they have found a conquering messiah who will rid the country of official graft and corruption. Alas, their emperor has no clothes!

Many of Duterte’s true believers have been wailing ‘black propaganda!’ as an offshoot of the Trillanes bombshell. At this juncture of this dramatically charged confrontation, I find that there is no longer any need for black propaganda if ever there was any use for it to still supplement what Duterte himself has single handedly provided the electorate. He shames his followers who viciously attack the sources of revelations by himself confirming the allegations cast upon him. You see, folks, by his own behavior and utterances, Duterte is himself, by himself, exhibit # 1. 

Their paragon of public morality, the exalted practitioner of ‘”disciplinary brutal tough love,” the one who will bring about the “tunay na pagbabago,” the much desired societal reconstruction and reformation, because he is supposedly unstained by graft and corruption, has now been unmasked. He has been living a double life, after all. He has been a closet crook. He has been outed. He is also just another crook! Did he not admit that he had many rich friends from whom he accepted cash gifts in the form of bank deposits in exorbitant amounts? Millions upon millions, in fact.


The other day, I took the effort to watch the Internet/Skype conversation that the Duterte handlers arranged between him and the Filipino Communist Supremo, Jose Maria Sison, who has been cowardly luxuriating in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Bullyboy Duterte was visually crouched and cow towing in the presence of the detached puppeteer of the New People’s Army, already acting like a surrogate, an acolyte! Repeatedly saying “sir,” “sir,” with every gap in the conversation, to display obeisance. 

A candidate for the Presidency of our country behaving like a lackey to an avowed enemy of the State. How do you explain that to your followers? Downright unbecoming! Already Duterte has demeaned the very position and prestige of the Presidency which he seeks. And he promised to call on Joma Sison, soon after the elections--if he wins--and before his inaugurals. What for? To kneel before Joma and kiss his hands! He declared himself a “Leftist," emphasizing further, “I am a Socialist!” 

In ending the cyberspace session, Duterte expressed gratitude to Joma Sison for the “natutunan ko sa iyo, sir!” Exactly what was it that Joma has taught him and that Duterte has learned for which he is grateful? This is not black propaganda, it is all over Facebook and YouTube. 


Last week, I took the passing opportunity to speak of the campaign staff, managers, handlers, advisers, consultants and hangers-on of the Presidential candidates who I claim will “populate the talent pool of potential” appointees in the incoming administration of the winning candidate. The character of an incoming administration is defined by the behavior of these individuals. 

I spared naming the Duterte cadre as the most notably egregious. But today, I will. They are. These individuals are the master manipulators, the bullies and mudslingers responsible for the ruses and subterfuges, dirty tricks and tactics in the relentless pursuit of campaign advantage. These people are responsible for the despicable series of fake documents and false endorsements. 

Examples: viciously attacking Ellen Tordesillas for proving that Duterte’s bank account does exist, wishing rape of the comedienne Melai’s daughter, using that Yolanda nurse in a falsified commentary, to name a very few. Even the Iglesia ni Cristo was “used.”

To be sure about it, this malevolent group does not represent the true character of the millions who in their sincere desire for reform genuinely idolize Duterte. They, too, are victims of deception because they have allowed themselves to be mesmerized by interminable doses of political placebo that is a distinct Duterte specialty. 

The truth is that the millions of sincere ardent fans of Duterte do not know who these shady individuals are. Perhaps it is now time for the Duterte adherents (I have kin and friends among them) to have a reexamination of conscience. Conscience in this sense means society’s accepted moral values and ethical standards where personal honesty and integrity \in the leader we elect is paramount. It is not yet too late to avoid the pain of the Duterte perfidy assaulting your sincere innocence. 


It is not the end of the world, regardless. While our beloved country is indestructible, she is not beyond being ravished once again, at a time when we have yet to fully recover from the economic disaster and moral evisceration that the rapacious Marcos dictatorship has wrought upon the land. There are two things to bear in mind. 

One. The stark possibility remains that if the arithmetic holds, we could very well have a Duterte presidency. In this instance, it will definitely be a Presidency by a questionable plurality that does not bode well for the country. Instability and chaos can arise. 

Seventy-five percent of the Filipinos will not go to bed with the NPA and Joma Sison. Neither will they condone and forget Marcos and Martial Law. This is what a Duterte Presidency stands for. He said so himself. The overwhelming majority of Filipinos will not take Duterte in supine indifference.

Two. There has never been a presidential candidate and a plurality president who ascended the otherwise lofty heights of Malacanang with as much moral baggage as Rodrigo R. Duterte now possesses. In fact, a moral baggage overload. Has any one ever mentioned the Philippines as the planet’s unrivaled masochistic laughing stock? You, a patriot? Go ahead, go “Duts!” I have absolutely no desire to say “I told you so!” But I can almost hear that “giant sucking sound.”

That debilitating cacophony is Duterte all over. He is the harbinger of another unwarranted disastrous aberration in the life of our country. We are all aware of and agreed upon what problems ail Philippine society. We must know and accept that a morally reprehensible Rodrigo R. Duterte is not the solution. 

(Disclaimer: The views of the author are his own and are not necessarily the views of ABS-CBN Corp.) 

Disclaimer: The views in this blog are those of the blogger and do not necessarily reflect the views of ABS-CBN Corp.