The Bongbong way of describing Martial Law

Hot Manila - by Alan Robles

Posted at Apr 27 2015 08:34 PM | Updated as of Apr 28 2015 04:34 AM

At last, Bongbong Marcos can be credited with an achievement. He's coined a word to describe his parents' acts of plunder, torture, murder and wholesale oppression.

That word is - “propaganda.”

Or, as he put it with such masterly gravitas in a recent interview: “all other stuff are propaganda.”

Of course, it's true Bongbong Marcos has a vested interest in the matter. After all, he's the spawn of the lying, looting, cheating, murdering, torturing and currently decomposing dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.

But setting that aside, what can we say about Marcos junior's proposal?

On the plus side, it has economy. In place of all those awkward long terms – “grisly bloody killings under Marcos”, or “rapacious crony capitalism of Martial Law”, or “mind-bendingly avaricious Imelda plunder” or “unrestricted savage torture during the Marcos regime” – we just substitute one word: “propaganda.”

The negative is that Marcos junior probably doesn't know the usage he proposes isn't endorsed by the Oxford Dictionary, which is perfectly understandable because right now, Marcos junior probably doesn't want to have anything to do with the word “Oxford.”

But why don't we see how the story of the dictatorship would read if we use Marcos junior's word?

We'd start with how Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law in 1972 in order to propaganda all the freedoms of Filipinos, send soldiers to ruthlessly propaganda all his opponents, and also to propaganda the free press. Then it would go on to detail how Marcos illegally gave himself powers so he could be a propaganda like Hitler.

Then we would have to mention how the Marcoses went to the national treasury and proceeded to propaganda billions which they then transferred to foreign accounts. Of course, the story wouldn't be complete without detailing how the Marcoses, their relatives and their cronies got together to propaganda up the economy, take over companies and propaganda them dry. Anybody who complained would be propaganda'd to a bloody pulp by goons.

We shouldn't neglect to mention how the police and the military were used to arrest tens of thousands, bringing them to stockades and safehouses where thousands were cruelly propaganda'd with electric shocks and water cures. Thousands were mercilessly and bloodily propaganda'd, their bodies left lying on the streets.

By the time Marcos and his family were chased out of the country in 1986, following an election where he tried to propaganda the ballot, the dictator – whoops, sorry, we meant the propaganda – had run up a body count of 3,000 Filipinos propaganda'd by the security forces. The Marcoses also propaganda'd at least US$10 billion from the Philippines.

And now, as he proposes to run for the highest office using the billions in ill-gotten propaganda stashed away abroad, Marcos junior wants you to know: it's all propaganda.


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