Use SAF to mount Mamasabuilding operation


Posted at Mar 13 2015 02:57 PM | Updated as of Mar 13 2015 10:57 PM

It's a tough and delicate situation: A wanted man - ok, you can also call him an unwanted man - has holed up inside a world-class structure, surrounded himself with guards, goons, supporters, media and rent-a-crowds, and is defying law enforcement authorities.

What can government do?

How about sending in the police Special Action Force (SAF)?

It's a predicament right up the SAF's alley, calling for daring, skill, precision. Let's see how the SAF might be best used in what we could call "Oplan Mamasabuilding."

The operation has to be swift because time is of the essence, the situation is urgent. The target has to be picked up and stopped before he spends all the taxpayers' money on his supporters' meals and bus fares, as well as lawyer, PR and media expenses.

And if the crowd is joined by the Boy Scouts and SUV-seeking bishops, the catering costs alone could rock the country's balance of payments.

There would have to be thorough recon and intelligence gathering. Police would need to know - is this going to be an arrest, or a rescue operation? Is the person of interest actually holding out on his own free will? Or maybe he is being held hostage by bags and bags of cash? Or perhaps he could be doing it because upon the orders of a theoretical mastermind, whom we should give a provisional name - how about "Mojo Jojo"?

The assault team would have to find a way to infiltrate the building without violence. One way is to trick the guards by telling them the assault group is actually a bunch of "good boys" delivering bags of money upstairs.

If infiltration isn't possible, the SAF could consider luring the target out. One ruse to consider is to mount large speakers outside and announce the 2016 election candidate registration has already begun. This might draw the target out.

Another trick is to put a huge pile of money outside the building. The resulting stampede might empty the building.

Some tactical considerations:

(1) There would have to be proper coordination. The President would have to be told about the operation early enough so he'll remember to switch off his mobile phone and draw up a list of people to repeatedly blame in case anything goes wrong.

(2) 155mm artillery fire would probably not be a good idea.

(3) Assault team should NOT use the elevator, because the world-class building's sophisticated security system might mistake the team for hostile contract bidders and trap it in the elevator for hours.



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