Tin Bartolome

Posted at Feb 26 2016 12:48 PM

Have you ever been taken over by kilig? This has made producers and actors millionaires and may have caused some fanatics to neglect duties. Anyone can fall prey: male and female, young or old, educated or not—it even cuts across social and economic status!

Many admit adjusting schedules, skipping a meal or spending money because of kilig. One of my help told me that her hard-earned money is spent on ‘original’ (as opposed to pirated) CDs of her idol Sarah. A friend combs the internet to watch reruns, look at pictures or just find out more about her favorite couple.

We actually sense what is real, yet when we get hooked, lines blur and we believe what we want to believe—despite clear signs that it’s all make-believe. Some may be better at conjuring the magic than others, but that does not make things real.

What we love to watch, the scenes we eagerly wait for, all the kilig generate a lot of money. No doubt, those who act out such scenes are well compensated. I wonder how all these affect the actors and their feelings. What happens if they’re in love with people other than their on screen partners?

Googling a famous actor, I came across a site that mentioned his relationships, both past and present. The year he was supposedly still in a relationship with his onscreen partner was also the first year of his relationship with another actress!

We all know these two actors who have great chemistry onscreen, yet were never a couple—until lately (or so they say). Two couples have recently made their much-awaited hook-ups official while another pair seems to be going in that direction, too. There have been many different discussions and brave explanations as to why this serendipitous pairing seems to have cast a spell on so many viewers. And while the two have declared that they are just enjoying the ride, many, including their co-workers, want the hook up to shift from reel to real, but the guy remains noncommittal even as the girl is always game!

Perhaps at some point, these actors’ feelings towards each other are real, but because the environment that made it all happen is fluid and shifty, such feelings may be fleeting. While kilig is itself a feeling, recent events have shown that it is one profitable feeling. It’s so nice to believe and feel the kilig, but at the end of the day, when costumes are hung on their hooks, kilig—feelings and emotions remain.

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