The Old Lion and the Fox

Rick Olivares

Posted at Feb 14 2016 02:40 PM

The Old Lion and the Fox

The Lion was chosen to lead the denizens of the jungle into a new era. He was deemed to be the best choice: after all, his teeth and claws were worn with supposed wisdom and age and that he too was one of them. One who toiled in the jungle through the years and that he knew the ins and outs.

So the Lion was anointed King.

Now the Lion held office in his cave up high. As for the jungle folk? Well, one by one, they went up to the cave to pay their respects.

The first to visit was a feisty pug that was said to be a constant deliverer of controversial news. The pug was banned from the jungle.

The next visitor was the most popular figure in the jungle. But as it turned out, this popular figure was ill-equipped to take on the Lion. After all, he was just a boxer.

Then there was that old grizzly veteran of many a war. Now, this vet? He didn’t last a minute.

Then the gunslinger went up to the cave to pledge his allegiance. But one claw from the old lion, jabbed towards his face, was enough to silence the two-gun kid.

And most recently, perhaps the toughest and meanest animal on the block came calling. For his trouble, this tough and mean animal had a bowl of alphabet soup dropped on his head — with a T and 250K. And like the feisty pug, was banned.

The Fox? Well, it was cautious. He had heard all the stories about those who dared to go up against the Old Lion had never made it out of the cave alive.

The Fox decided to visit the Old Lion, as a large group. From near the mouth of the cave, the Fox inquired about the Lion’s health. The Lion replied that he was ill and he invited the Fox to step inside and to see to his health.

The Fox, wisely stayed where he was and said, “I have noticed that you seem to have frequent visitors but no one ever comes out. Pray tell me, how ever did your visitors find their way out?”

“Why do you take issue with a lot of jungle folk,” further pressed the Fox. “And why are you always confrontational? Shouldn’t you be taking the high road and setting an example? The jungle folk should take centerstage and not you!"

The Lion had no answer so the Fox left.

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