Padrone: Si Grace Padaca at ang pera ni PNoy

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Former Isabela governor Grace Padaca has spoken. The newly appointed Commissioner of the government elections body, has also posted bail for two charges — graft and malversation of public funds. Following Malacanang’s announcement of her appointment, the Sandiganbayan confirmed there was a warrant of arrest for Padaca. Cops had tried – but failed – to serve the warrant.

Former Isabela governor and newly-appointed Comelec Commissioner Grace Padaca.

People raised questions over the propriety of her appointment.

  • She was facing graft charges; didn’t these count?
  • Why hadn’t she turned herself in?
  • Can she be trusted to pass impartial judgment on former rivals?

Padaca’s graft case does NOT disqualify her from becoming Comelec Commissioner. Last I checked, people in this country remain innocent until a court of law hands down a guilty verdict. Padaca must come under that same standard, even if the administration she serves has a penchant for treating people as guilty until proven otherwise. (Except for a list of kaibigan, kamaganak, kaklase)

Is there a difference between evading the law and simply not entrusting yourself to its tender mercies? In previous interviews, Padaca has said refusal to file for bail was a statement, a form of protest against an unjust legal system stacked against her. Nothing unique there. Many have gone before her.

People wanted to understand:

  • Why the change of heart?
  • What had changed in the system that made her now amenable to filing bail?
  • Had the legal system changed that much under the “tuwid na daan” regime?
  • What changes singularly applied to her case?


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