That epic ABS-CBN News music video

By Andrew Jonathan S. Bagaoisan, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Sep 13 2012 12:42 AM | Updated as of Apr 24 2013 12:38 AM

"Slow news day?" was the query of the pleasantly surprised.

For how in the middle of a plane crash, fleeting low pressure areas, and robberies caught on CCTV did journalists manage to make a potentially viral music video?

Well, it is as easy as facing the camera atop the PC. Or employing an iPad app that can record and edit in shots to a song.

It took a few days last week of shadowing and persuading a cast to join. Yes, a mini-shoot. Post-work and TV shows, of course.

Jenny (Reyes) cut up the song parts to sing, Chiara (Zambrano) “booked” whoever was willing to sing, and Jeff (Canoy) shot with his iPad.

Jeff was the consummate director who was sold-out to his opus.

He even poked all the way to Eastern Samar where Atom Araullo and our team were wondering if we still had any post-earthquake stories left to report.

“You’re missing out on the best video of all time!” Jeff messaged us. Atom and I got on Skype and Jeff showed us the video so far. And he wanted Atom to perform one part via web cam.

The hotel we were staying at only had Internet at its lobby. There was hardly no background to speak of, so our best possible choice was behind the front desk.

My laptop was the conduit, and our hotel receptionist –at close to 10 p.m.–was Atom’s unwitting extra.

And of all recent songs to (re)turn viral, it had to be a 1990s Backstreet Boys hit.

What else would you expect from the bunch of Millennial reporters that cooked this up?

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