The silly season has long begun

By Raïssa Robles

Posted at Aug 31 2012 07:09 PM | Updated as of Sep 01 2012 03:09 AM

But let’s stop to think if we can change our politics

The silly season has long begun. I am referring to the period when politicians put up political parties, form coalitions and float names of national candidates.

I used to be very much a part of this silly season, rushing around trying to scoop the rest of my news media colleagues in getting the names of the various slates.

By force of habit, I am still tempted to do that.

For instance, Senator Manny Villar has confirmed to me in a chance interview that he is “retiring” from politics. What he did not confirm is the buzz in the political grapevine that his wife Cynthia is being groomed to take his place. And she is being wooed by both the group of Vice-President Jejomar Binay and the Liberal Party. What the Villar couple is doing by straddling two parties is the way many of our politicians like it.

But really, now. Let’s stop to think what all these mean for us and for our country’s future.

As a general rule and except for the post of President, the Filipino voter has never expected much from those they vote into office.

Our politicians have it easy. They can expect to stay on and on and on in office unless they make a colossal mistake such as NOT opening an envelope during an impeachment trial or having part of city hall burn down during their watch or being caught stealing or killing (and even then…).

It’s time voters start demanding more from politicians running for public office.

For starters, let’s demand more from political parties.

What does a particular political party stand for and how does putting its candidates in power help the city, town, province and ultimately, the country?

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