The SC Needs Leadership, Not Gumption

by Leo Alejandrino

Posted at Jun 18 2012 09:38 AM | Updated as of Jun 18 2012 05:38 PM

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, we now find, has two jobs. He speaks for the President and when not so occupied, does as well for BIR Commissioner Kim Henares. One wonders whether this is with or without the consent of his boss.

Last week Lacierda talked glowingly about the virtues of Henares as potential Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Edwin intimated the President favors her for the post. Considering that the period of nominations is still not over and that P-Noy announced he wants time to make his decision, Lacierda is either clairvoyant, surprisingly candid or just doing his job as publicist for Ms. Henares.

Kim seemed quite happy with the accolades. Having undergone the agony of battling big time lawyers in her dismissal case against her former employer, ING Bank, she said she felt well qualified to head the Judiciary. I am not certain I fully follow the line of thought but that could just be me.

There is an unwritten rule that CJ nominees are not expected to campaign for the position so for Henares & Co. to toot her horn is, well, hardly circumspect. Lacierda has subsequently backtracked but the taste remains in our mouths.

DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima, another nominee for CJ, has taken the more politically correct tack of having others do the talking (“I would rather others extol my virtues” is I believe the way she put it).

The common denominator between Henares and De Lima is, one, their gender, two, their feistiness and three, their hobby of shooting with the President. Since when has being (a female) Dirty Harry been a qualification for Chief Justice? Miriam Santiago, I suppose, has made a living of this all her political life. No wonder Anabelle Rama is running for public office.

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