Dear students, please ask Corona about his accounting skills

Exclusive by Raïssa Robles

Posted at Jun 12 2012 05:26 PM | Updated as of Jun 13 2012 01:26 AM

One topic for the sacked CJ’s school lecture series

(Editor's intro: Raissa, foreign correspondent for South China Morning Post and Radio Netherlands, is an independent blogger.)

I choose to celebrate today, our Independence Day, by exercising one of the most basic freedoms that we Filipinos fought so hard for with our blood, sweat and fears. Yes – fears.

There have been moments in my life as a journalist that the very act of writing has been a struggle in overcoming personal fears, such as fear of arrest, harassment or violence.

The freedom to criticize the country’s movers and shakers is one expressly guaranteed by the Constitution.

And so today, I choose to write about another unfinished business of the Filipino people – that of ensuring that the former highest magistrate of the country will face the bar of justice to answer allegations of, among others, ill-gotten wealth. You see, Renato Corona is working out ways so that a new Philippine President elected in 2016 will give him presidential pardon and restore all his political rights.

Soon after his conviction in the impeachment trial, Renato Corona quickly set himself up as THE champion of transparency and accountability. He announced his intention to mount a lecture series in various schools.

If he really does intend to face students, here is one thing those students can keep in mind and ask him about:

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