Truth telling is hard work

by Jess Lorenzo

Posted at May 19 2012 02:37 AM | Updated as of May 19 2012 06:45 PM

I was at the Senate impeachment trial to be with Harvey Keh.  I was hurt by the insults and insinuations of some of the senators.  


I am sad that this is how potential truth tellers are treated.  I believe that Harvey is an ordinary citizen struggling to do his duty that many of us should learn from.


After some discussion with some of the group, we decided to come up with the following statement of support for Harvey.


I am enclosing Kaya Natin's official statement.


1. Kaya Natin is a volunteer movement for good governance and ethical leadership established in 2008.  We seek to provide sanctuary to elected officials to help them towards better leadership and good governance.


2. Kaya Natin has been engaging elected officials towards good governance for over 4 years.  As we engage government officials, we help them develop programs that enable them to improve basic services.


3. The Kaya Natin Founders are:


a. Jesse Robredo: Ramon Magsaysay award for Government Service 2000


b. Grace Padaca: Ramon Magsaysay award for Government Service 2008


c. Fr. Ed Panlilio:


4. The KN founders and core group and members support Harvey Keh in his actions that led to his testimony at the senate impeachment trial.


5. We believe that Harvey did what he thought was right at the time.  There may have been lapses or mistakes in his judgment but his intention is beyond question.


6. Harvey faced the Senate and followed the court summons at the order of  the defense team to answer questions they have for him.  He did not present himself as a witness to this trial.  Harvey brought the information to the Senate President in hopes that the court will make the decision and verify the information.


7. We at Kaya Natin, together with the rest of the country, await the testimony of CJ Corona on May 22, 2012.  We commend the senators for pressuring CJ Corona take the stand to testify and explain the discrepancies in his declared assets.  We look forward to his statements.


8. We remain committed to our mission to advocate good governance and ethical leadership.


I will reserve my opinion of Senator Jinggoy Estrada and Senator Miriam Santiago because for me, the truth I seek now is the accountability that must be demanded from CJ Corona.  


We need to focus and be vigilant with the ongoing trial to make sure that CJ Corona faces the nation and answers the allegations against him.


I would like to borrow Among Ed Panlilio's words: "Ang katotohanan ay may sariling buhay at sigla. Truth has its own dynamism. Kahit ano pa man ang gagawing pagtatakip ng iba, lilitaw at lilitaw siya."  


I believe that truth is not seen at face value.  At times we need to delve into it in order to have a better appreciation of it.  I have worked with some local government units to know that I often need to work in order for truth to survive.  It is hard and sometimes backbreaking.  But it is always spirit building.


We will remain vigilant in spite of the heartaches we have from yesterday's trial.


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Jess Lorenzo is currently the program director of Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership's public health initiatives. @kayanatin on Twitter


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