Survey: Many voters still don't understand how Nancy Binay became a candidate

Hot Manila - by Alan Robles

Posted at May 03 2013 05:24 PM | Updated as of May 04 2013 01:25 AM

With only 10 days left until the mid-term elections, a survey indicates most voters still can't explain how Nancy Binay became a candidate for senator.

According to the poll conducted by the Fly By Night Social Media Climate Change and More Money Please Outfit (FBNSMCCMMPO), 72 percent of Filipino voters are "mystified" by the process through which the vice-president's daughter, a total unknown, got into the candidates' list and why she is rating so highly in polls.

Asked for possible explanations, respondents gave a variety of reasons, among them "glamor," "dad's money," "birthday cakes" and "wala lang."

"I would say the voters are nonplussed", said the outfit's director Apollo Trollfar. He presented the findings at a press conference at the University of the Philippines main parking lot, handing out copies of the survey from the trunk of a car while looking around furtively.

Among the results of the outfit's wide-ranging pre-election survey:

- Senatorial candidate Jackie Enrile, has a name recall problem: 37 percent of voters keep confusing his name with "Alfie Anido."

- 23 percent of voters feel that Senator Alan Peter Cayetano never fully explained what happened to "ang kahoy" of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile.

- 80 percent of voters wish Senator Vicente Sotto was running so they could vote the him out of office. "The word 'idiot' was used a lot," Trollfar revealed.

- At the local level, 43 percent of voters are unsure which of the two contending Manila mayor candidates, Alfredo Lim and Erap Estrada, are actually still alive.

- 55 percent of voters expressed doubts about Estrada's ability to match the outstanding record of urban deterioration set by Lim.

Questioned about his credentials, Trollfar described himself as a "public confidence expert" who formed the polling outfit three weeks ago through the help of "concerned citizens." He claimed the wide-ranging poll was "conducted in accordance with best practices and some help from the Internet."

"For instance, that's how I discovered the word 'nonplussed', I googled it," Trollfar said.

He declined to give details about the method used by the survey, though he did reveal: "sampling size was just right, standard deviation, A-OK , the weather was sunny with no hint of rain and the error factor is plus or minus 50,000 pesos."

He promised to upload copies as soon as he found a "cheap" cyber cafe.

Other highlights of the poll:

- 55 percent of voters favor bringing back the death penalty for whoever writes election campaign jingles. "And they mean ALL jingles," Trollfar stressed.

- 86 percent of voters don't know what "PCOS" stands for. "We think the 14 percent who say they do are lying," the polling outfit director said.

- 44 percent cannot spell the word "precinct" correctly.

- 5 percent are puzzled why the figures in many surveys never seem to add up to 100 percent.

- a hefty 26 percent of voters said that, given the choice, they wouldn't object to having most candidates fall from the 20th floor of a tall building; 15 per cent said they preferred the 30th story.

The poll also showed that about 22.5 percent of Filipinos still haven't watched the movie "Iron Man 3"; 15 percent won't vote "Iron Man 3" because they don't believe in political dynasties.

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