'Groupie' of the Year: The Facebook Dragnet

by Inday Espina-Varona

Posted at Apr 02 2012 08:26 PM | Updated as of Apr 03 2012 04:26 AM

Singing along to "I'm easy, easy as Sunday morning," I spot my name in a comment made by poet/author Susan Lara. Artist Aba Lluch Dalena had complained that a group called "We Support Chief Justice Corona and the Rule of Law" included her as member without permission. Susan checked, saw the profiles of many friends, and decided to inform us.

A few minutes later, I spot the post of brother, Nonoy Espina. It was a screenshot, with my meowing scarredcat image on the upper left side, with friends and Facebook acquaintances all around. His intro note to the screenshot:

“…ng pinindot ko ang ‘About’ ito ang lumantad, kasama na si Marco Valbuena na kilala sa media na tagapagsalita ng CPP at ang kapatid ko na alam ko’ng hinding-hindi sasali dito. Di ko na sinilip kung nandyan din ako. At andyan din ang mga umano’y admin ng grupo. ‘Langya, wala naman sanang ganyanan.”

In the “About” section are a host of people — 14, 020 as of this writing. Many of them are my friends, many of them definitely opposed to the Chief Justice. Of course, I also saw other friends who support the beleaguered magistrate. I won't give the Who's Who of contending sides here. Those of you who read news and blogs probably know who they are.

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