Sobriety needed on all sides over Sabah conflict

by Raissa Robles

Posted at Mar 05 2013 04:49 PM | Updated as of Mar 06 2013 12:49 AM

Nothing is sure about any of the reports coming from the standoff in Sabah, but if they’re true, then people have already been killed as the Sultan’s armed band continues to defy both Malaysian and Philippine governments.

Along with many others — Filipinos, Malaysians and Sabahans — I believe the issue calls for sobriety.

I have just read a website,, which says that two Philippine websites were recently defaced by hackers, apparently because of the Sabah issue.

Before we jump to conclusions that Malaysians are involved, let’s remember that there are other interest groups riding on the conflict for their own political purposes. It suits them to escalate the issue and cause instability in the south and trouble for the government.

My hubby Alan and I were talking about Sabah at breakfast time. He has written a lot more on Sabah than I have.

We were both wondering about two things:

FIRST, why is there such a large constituency in the Philippines for asserting Philippine sovereignty over Sabah? One Facebook group alone has over 10,000 “LIKES”. Supporters are Muslims and Christians alike.

SECOND, why has no Philippine President ever succeeded in dropping the Sabah claim?

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