Bongbong on Marcos legacy: We could have done better


Posted at May 11 2012 11:41 PM | Updated as of May 15 2012 04:48 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. freely admits his father also made mistakes when he was still president of the Philippines.

Speaking to PIPOL, he says he teaches this to his young boys – Ferdinand Alexander, Joseph Simon and William Vincent – especially when they are asked about all of the alleged sins of the Marcos presidency.

“They have to learn especially that they are boys and they are Marcoses…They would have to go through because of their name and their family. Irene's children are Aranetas. Imee’s children are Manotocs. Sila Marcos,” he said.

Bongbong said he sought advice from his sisters on what to tell his kids when they are asked about the alleged abuses during the martial law years.

He said his sisters told him to tell the truth, and what really happened.

“Be honest. Mali nga tayo dun. We could have done a better job…Usually, it is in the judgment of people, that we trusted the wrong people, we relied on the wrong people,” he said.

“We also tell them the mistakes. Sino ba ang hindi nagkakamali? Things happened that shouldn’t have happened, that we didn’t want to happen, you know. But again, we balance it also. Yung mga sinasabi hindi naman totoo yan. Exaggeration is another form of lying. You have to take it with a bit of salt. It's not so easy for a kid.”

What about the accusations that the Marcoses are thieves?

He said: “[My kids] went through all that and they came back and they asked: ‘why do they say that?’ We say it is not true. You explain and you explain the best you can. We’re lucky that we don’t have that angry crowd beating down our gate, that we can explain to the kids and they can see it for themselves.”