China will be aggressive over Scarborough, expert warns


Posted at Apr 18 2012 10:53 PM | Updated as of Apr 19 2012 06:53 AM

MANILA, Philippines - China will act aggressively in claiming Scarborough Shoal, an expert warned on Wednesday.

La Salle professor Renato de Castro told ANC that China will capitalize on its economic and military strength to claim the territory.

"The current crisis is just the beginning, this is not the end," he told ANC Primetime. "We may manage this, but this will be a continuation because we will be expecting more."

"This is what the Chinese will say, the saying 'kill the chicken, frighten the monkeys,'" he added.

For former UN ambassador Lauro Baja Jr., the Philippines will be at a disadvantage if force is used, so it must be aggressive in its diplomatic strategies.

"Any territorial claim, any maritime claim will take years, if not generations to resolve," he said. "In the meantime, I think there are  other ways to defuse the tension, going into some non-controversial cooperative endeavors and having some sort of modus vivendi with China in the meantime."

"I know our position is that we do this on a multilateral or regional basis, but there is room for bilateral consultations with china," he added. "Vietnam did it." - ANC