6 clinically tested solutions for your foot-related problems

Eiskin Laboratories Inc.

Posted at Aug 22 2017 12:47 PM | Updated as of Aug 22 2017 03:57 PM

"Take care of your feet because they'll take you everywhere you want," our grandmothers once told us.

And unlike popular belief, taking care of one's feet is not just about going to the spa, getting some foot massage, and buying a comfortable pair of shoes.

There are problems that only the right solution can fix. So whether you're suffering from sweaty feet or cracked heels, trust the clinically proven Footlogix formulas, which are dermatologically tested to provide you the safest treatment and the best result.

Here are some:

1. Sweaty Feet Formula

Sweaty feet is caused by excessive perspiration, and no one wants a wet sock after a long, tiring day.

This can be cured by Footlogix's Sweaty Foot Formula that contains Conatins Sage and Oak Bark. This formula closes the pores of the skin, thus, reducing excessive perspiration.

And unlike other products, the dermatologically tested Sweaty Foot Formula does not leave any residue because it is quickly absorbed by the skin.

2. Foot Deodorant

Having a smelly feet prevents you from doing many things, like removing your shoes when you're shopping for a new pair.

Embarrassed about it? Footlogix Foot Deodorant is formulated with menthol and tea-tree oil, which is proven to effectively kill odor-causing bacteria. This formula also neutralizes foot odor, while leaving a refreshing scent that also cools the skin for extra comfort.

3. Shoe Deodorant

And if you're really serious about getting rid of the foul smell of your feet, you should also try Footlogix Shoe Deodorant.

Formulated with tea-tree oil, this clinically proven safe shoe deodorant kills odor-causing bacteria, without leaving damage on your shoes. This leather- and canvas-friendly formula will keep your shoes fresh as the day you first wore them.

4. Cracked Heel Formula

Can't wear flipflops because of your cracked heels? Get rid of them with Footlogix's Cracked Heel Formula.

This astringent, anti-bacterial solution is also safe to be used with Footlogix Peeling Skin Formula and Footlogix Foot Deodorant as well as Shoe Deodorant for a overall treatment.

5. Very Dry Skin Formula

Apart from cracked heels, your feet may also be suffering from dry skin. Use Footlogix's Very Dry Skin Formula to moisturize and restore the natural health of your feet.

The Very Dry Skin Formula is also recommended as part of a daily foot care routine for everyone, including people with diabetes.

6. Daily Maintenance Formula

Ultimately, for overall foot care solution, get Footlogix's Daily Maintenance Formula, which features a moisturizing solution to keep your feet healthy. It is proven effective when used daily as preventative care program.

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