5 top choices for car buyers

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Posted at Aug 01 2017 06:35 PM

There’s no better time than now to buy your very own car. Not only has it become easier or cheaper to own a vehicle, but there is also a wide array of options, from hatchbacks to minivans and sedans.

Here we share some of the most exciting models that will fuel your passion for the long drive, as well as fit your lifestyle.

1. Hatchback

Noted for its upward swing rear door and gentle top curve, the hatchback has become a favorite among millennials thanks to its modern look, versatility and flexibility. Perfect for dynamic executives and growing families, the hatchback can reconfigure seating to prioritize passengers or make more room for cargo. Ranging in size from small family cars to minis, hatchbacks are modern, well-equipped, and perfect for the everyday grind.

2. SUV

Built for the big boys, the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) is the epitome of power and performance. It can accommodate 5 to 7 people, and is reinforced to take the brunt of rough roads. With the ability to run smoothly on difficult terrain, SUVs are great for adventurer families and active individuals who love to explore the outdoors.

3. Subcompact

Smaller than a compact car, the subcompact is extremely short and very light, and a smart option for individuals who live and work in the city. With its nimble design, the subcompact allows you to weave through metro traffic with ease, and allows you to pass through tighter lanes inaccessible to bigger vehicles. These tiny segment cars are great for yuppies and first-time owners as these can be availed at incredibly great prices.

4. Asian Utility Vehicles (AUV)

Asian Utility Vehicles (AUVS) – also known as minivans - are a little bigger and longer than a hatchback. They can accommodate another row of seats in the back. Like the hatchback, the AUV prioritizes practicality and versatility, and becomes the ultimate, modern family car. More than just a box on wheels with extra space, the minivan offers an impressive driving experience, bringing together comfort, stability and convenience into one hardworking vehicle.

5. Sedans

Sedans are known for delivering the “elite” experience as they’re fitted to deliver optimal engine performance, exceptional fuel economy and luxurious comfort. While identified more with its high-end siblings like the super sports sedans and supercars, there are, indeed, numerous affordable, low-range sedans fit for the family. Regardless of the type, each sedan, with its sleek exteriors and unique driving details, performs like a “well-oiled machine.”


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