3 back-to-school essentials every kid must have


Posted at Jun 23 2017 03:50 PM | Updated as of Jun 29 2017 03:49 PM

Summer is almost over, and the school year is set to commence soon. Most parents are now shopping for their children's back-to-school kits.

But while we wish we could provide everything to our children, our budget is sometimes tight. That's why we have to prioritize the most important stuff on our checklist. To help you with this, here are three back-to-school essentials every kid must have:

1. Basic school supplies and lunch kit

The first items on your list should comprise of notebooks, papers, pencils, and crayons. These are the very first things your kids will need when the teacher asks them to perform seat work and other class activities.

Moreover, apart from buying a lunch box, make sure you also have healthy recipes that you can prepare for your kids' packed lunch and snacks. Make sure to be as creative as you can so your kids will have fun while enjoying their healthy treats.

2. Waterproof items and hygiene kit

Since the school calendar begins during the rainy season, it would be highly important that your kids have umbrellas to keep them dry. Rain coats will also prevent stains from getting into their uniforms, while waterproof shoes will keep their feet dry and stop germs from accumulating in their socks.

Meanwhile, maintaining good hygiene will keep your kids safe from viral and communicable diseases, which are very common during the rainy season. Make sure they have access to basic hygiene products like alcohol, hand sanitizer, soap, and tissue paper.

3. Nutritious food and drinks

To ensure a healthy diet that will keep your kids strong and healthy all-year long, give them the right nutrition for their age. With a balanced diet, sleep, and the right nutrition from fortified food, you can combat the highly dreaded Micronutrient Deficiency.

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